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I envision life as an alchemical opportunity.  We are born into a complex combination of inherited DNA, the proclivities of a culture, a time, and a place. We also have our unique “soul print,” very like our unique finger- print and eye formation. Our experiences and what we do with our inheritance offer the opportunity to create something of special beauty. It doesn’t matter whether we come from a background of privilege or deprivation, we each have the possibility to create a meaningful work of art of our lives.


My first book, Alchemy of the Heart, Chiron Publications, explores and amplifies the Greek myth of Dionysos and Ariadne, illustrating the feminine Individuation journey.  The Villa of Mysteries, in the ancient city of Pompeii, is what many believe to have been an initiation chamber for Roman women into the Dionysian Mysteries. Based on references from ancient Greece, these mysteries were paths to a greater wholeness for the women of those times.  This myth first drew me as a healing metaphor for a broken heart. The heart broken open offers a powerful possibility of an initiation into wholeness and a deeper fulfillment of the soul and the Self.


In contrast to prevailing patriarchal imperatives and strictures, Alchemy of the Heart offers men a more expansive, healthy, and ecologically honoring possibility of what it means to be a man. This is not a new view It predates the rise of patriarchy and its compulsion towards ownership and dominance. At last, its time has come again, helping us regain a healthy, life affirming relationship to the earth as well as to the feminine.


My second book, The Alchemy of Your Life, to be released in 2025, is an in-depth life review workbook, an interactive guide to gain greater understanding of the patterns and possibilities in one’s unique life story. Reviewing the chance and chosen events from pre-birth and into elderhood, The Alchemy of Your Life offers a powerful response to what seems like the vicissitudes of your journey.  Life is an enormous gift. This workbook invites you to imagine your unique story as an alchemical invitation to create an extraordinary work of art. It is for anyone who is interested in how we are where we are and how to be here moving forward in the best way, living a more conscious life. In the past, only those about to die, would be interested in life review. Things have changed. More and more of us are considering the bigger questions while we are still living a vibrant life. No outside system or savior will ultimately successfully relieve the pain and suffering of this world. It and we will only heal when we each do our part, starting with inner work, finding, and tending meaning and purpose.

Alchemy of The Heart by A. Marina Aguilar

Alchemy Of The Heart

Dionysos, one of the most misunderstood of the gods, is a masculine energy that brings us back to life and vitality in a way that includes deep partnership with the feminine. Through the exploration of this timeless myth, Alchemy of the Heart takes us on adventure into a world where the dance of masculine and feminine ignites fullness of being in both men and women. From the shadowy labyrinth of Minos to the sacred Initiation Chamber at Pompeii, Alchemy of the Heart travels the landscape of both the outer world and the inner psyche as it points the way past contemporary hedonism, pornography, and addiction into a Dionysian world of joy, vibrant sexuality, and spiritual transcendence.

"A solid and important work of scholarship that is a must-read for those doing depth psychological work. Aguilar mines the myth of Dionysos and Ariadne for its insights into expanding Jungian notions about the animus and a woman's journey to wholeness. In the process, she updates Jungian thought to match emerging ways of seeing gender, the feminine, and the masculine in our time."

--Carol S. Pearson, Ph.D., Author of Persephone Rising, The Hero Within and Awakening the Heroes Within. Former President of Pacifica Graduate Institute.

"Joseph Campbell showed us the mythic mysteries, now Marina Aguilar unlocks the secrets of ecstatic teachings. Alchemy of the Heart is a breakthrough work on our divine connection to nature and the playful wisdom of the body."

--Jonathan Young, Ph.D., Psychologist, Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives.

"A superb study of the myth of Dionysos through the lens of Jung's spiritual alchemy. Focusing on the sacred marriage of Dionysos and Ariadne, the author illuminates the journey to wholeness, both horizontal and vertical, revealing a power to heal not only a broken psyche but a broken world. Aguilar's 'meditative exegesis' on the Dionysian initiation chamber in the Villa of Mysteries at Pompeii is a model of transcendence at the heart of Plato's noetic philosophy. This is a penetrating reading bringing to life an ancient, yet timeless, myth."

--Michael P. Morrissey, Ph.D., Author of Consciousness and Transcendence: The Theology of Eric Voegelin.

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